Ikiwiki cheat sheet for my purposes

Ikiwiki tips for myself

Remove orphaned tag
Auth plugin: moderatedcomments, enable moderated comments for registered users only
Edit setup file by hand(!) in order to activate and allow comments, see ikiwiki plugin comments
Voting page
For deep links inside your ikiwiki you can use the generated anchors (indexes) of each headline
Toggle plugin
Markdown: add a link to an image
Timeformat German in setup file
Using and counting of tag links in ikiwiki
Refreshing calendar pages, example

Internal help pages

Directive, list of all directives
IMG directive|ikiwiki/directive/img
Inline directive
Meta directive
Pagespec, match pages
Tag taglinks directive

External help pages

Otimising ikiwiki
Ikiwiki plugin directory
Multi-lingual wiki with po4a
Ikiwiki wordpress importer 1
Ikiwiki wordpress importer 2
Command line, usage ikiwiki
Google's webmaster tool tips
Matching pages according to creation or modification times
Setup ikiwiki by hand
Setup git
Usage Ikiwiki
Repositories for ikiwiki if I want to commit locally
Moderated comments
Navigation bar
Plugins gautam
Insert anchors
Medspx.fr, ikiwiki tips

Forum ikiwiki

Change default menu items
Install perlmagic and maybe imagemagick